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If You're a Log, Sawmill or Lumber Company - Learn How Some Companies are Using Inventory Control to Increase Their Profits

(Read What Companies Told Us In Our Recent Industry Survey)

Custom 1-Part Numbered & Barcoded Log Tracking Tag

Describing the Barcode Log Tags she gets from us Cathy Butler of Amos-Hill
Quote/Info Request for Log, Sawmill or Lumber Tags.Associates said "that it advanced the whole department....they get more work
done with less man hours."

They previously used Hammer Tags. She said "it is
a whole lot easier for the
guys to put the tags on and they stay on through
the whole process.
She said "They've recently switched from using metal
to plastic staples to put the Tags on, which hold up better in the vats."


How Smart Inventory Control Tools Are Increasing Profits

  • Want to know how to improve profitability and significantly reduce costs?

A lot of Log, Sawmill and Lumber companies have found out how to do that – and many of them have shared those exact methods with us in a recent survey.

Why have Inventory Control Tools become so important to many Log, Sawmill and Lumber companies today?

  • Whether you have one location or dozens, and whether you are a Sawmill, Log or Lumber company – there are four important challenges everyone faces to stay profitable:

  1. Increases in costs – which will eat away at your profits if unchecked
  2. The need to keep track of inventory to insure that, as you grow, you don't suffer from theft, or mismanagement of your inventory
  3. Competition – others may beat your prices because they've come up with better methods making them more competitive, which could mean lost business for you
  4. Controlling Losses from Obsolescence – an Inventory Control Program will remind you of the age of a log - enabling you to make better informed Inventory decisions.

Getting Bigger Isn't Always a Solution – But Increasing Profits Will Always Help

  • People often think that if they “just get bigger” - they'll be able to make more money.

But if you've watched your costs, and noticed how hard it is to accurately track inventory – then you know that getting bigger can actually mean “less profitability!!”  Big companies can fail just as much as small ones, we all know.

Custom 2-Part Numbered & Barcoded Log Tag

So – having successful Inventory Control Methods can make the difference between more profits - or struggling, or worse!

Quote/Info Request for Log, Sawmill or Lumber Tags.

10 Ways That Log, Sawmill and Lumber Inventory Control Methods Are Helping Companies Increase Profits and Manage Better

  1. Eliminates dangerous problem of only having statements that show you after-the-fact that you were making or losing money
  2. Accuracy to 99% or better - eliminating human error.
  3. Eliminates the time consuming (and costly) method of having to do a count whenever you want to know what your inventory is.
  4. Accurately provides "live" (current) facts about your inventory - quickly - and whenever you want them.
  5. Having actual current data allows you to make smart informed decisions on what log or lumber purchases to make, and to manage more profitably.
  6. Allows you to make important time sensitive inventory and management decisions that helps companies survive.
  7. Ability to have accurate knowledge of inventory at all times gives you potential to increase profits by directing the sales force in the right direction.
  8. Able to be used to successfully make the transition from a manual, hard-card system to a computerized, bar-coded tracking system.
  9. Computer Software is compatible with most PC Computers.
  10. Some Systems will handle Purchase orders, Order Entry, Export General Ledger and Payments and Adjustments

3 Things to Look For to Get the Right Inventory Control Tools for You

  • No matter how you are tracking and controlling inventory right now, very likely there's a smart, and cost sensible way to proceed without hurting your budget, and still produce results.  So, look at a number of alternatives, and don't think you must “get it all” at once. See the insights from the companies we surveyed on this website, for straight talk on all of this.

  • Keep in mind that you can customize an Inventory Control System – we work with a number of companies providing custom Barcode Tags and Labels. This approach can save you a lot of money, and deliver results.

  • Finally, once you've looked over your options (we have a number of  pages on this website to help you do just that), try to first decide on a flexible plan for going forward. And remember, even adding key parts of an Inventory Control Program can be a big help – which will likely mean better profits.

We'll be glad to help you every step of the way, so feel free to call or email us.

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