Profit Increases Found in Log Tag Inventory Control Survey
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Our Survey of Logging, Saw mill and Lumber mill Companies Shows Which Inventory Control Methods They're Using to Increase Profits

- from our Industry Survey -

Some companies just seem to know what works well - even during hard times. They push ahead and make profits while other companies are hit hard, even fail.

Why Do Some Companies Succeed and Others Fail?

We wanted to know what methods were making a big difference for the successful
companies. So we spoke with many Logging companies, Sawmills and Lumber mills. From the very big ones to the smaller companies.

We listened while many of them told us what they were doing with Inventory Control and Tracking to increase their profits - the important details.

We've recorded all of this in our Survey below – and to make it easy for you to find what can help your own company – we divided the results into two Groups.

Group 1. Companies Using Tags or Labels With an Inventory Control System

If you are a Log, Saw mill or Lumber mill with an Inventory Control System using Tags or Labels the information in this Section will show you how to get more gains by using new methods and technology.

If you'd  like more information, or a Quote – Click Here Quote/Info Button for Log & Lumber Tags

Also, if you're a very large company, you'll find a separate Section within this second Group covering just large companies.

Just Click Here Large Company Successes to
go to that Section

Group 2. Companies Manually Tracking Inventory - Not Using Log Tags or

If you're one of the Logging companies, or a Sawmill or a Lumber mill that is estimating your inventory, or counting it manually without using a Tag or Label, you'll find valuable information in this Section on how other companies like yours are increasing profits.

And some of these companies have increased profits just by adding a Tag or a Label. If you'd  like more information, or a Quote – Click Here Quote/Info Button for Log & Lumber Tags

What You Can Expect From Universal Tag, Inc.

Since 1927 we've been the Manufacturer of custom Tags and Labels for all types of
companies throughout the U.S., Canada and some overseas countries.

We've been a regular supplier to many Logging, Saw mills and Lumber companies. We've also been a reliable Tag and Label supplier to Weyerhauser, Conagra, Continental Airlines, and many other large U.S. companies. We serve many other medium sized and small companies as well.

Some of our customers have told us they've profited just by simply adding one of our Custom Numbered or Barcode Tags or Labels to improve their Inventory Control and Tracking. Our two manufacturing plants offer more than 1,000 Tags and Labels.

Companies are Increasing Profitability by Adding To Their Inventory Control Just One Step at a Time

If You Have an Inventory Control and Tracking Program. . .

If you have an Inventory Control Program you're likely to gain by adding just one of the newer methods and technology to it. Once you do, you'll immediately have more accurate inventory numbers – which you can use to make better selling decisions.

See our Survey Pages for many of the methods that others are using successfully.

If You Are Thinking of Getting Started With an Inventory Control Program. . .

If you don't have an Inventory Control Program yet – you can learn how other companies have increased profits just by adding a Numbered Tag or Label, or a Barcode Tag or Label. At our manufacturing plant we can customize this for you as well.

You'll find more proven ideas for increasing your profits in our Survey Pages.
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