Hammertags compared to Our Log Tags
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Why Use Log Tags? Already Using Log Tags? Compare Us To Our Competition

Hammertags vs. Our Log Tags

Universal's Log Tags vs. Hammertags

Features Our Log Tags Hammertags
Easy to Apply
Generic In-Stock Tags
Tags can be Customized
Works with all Software Systems & Handheld Scanners
Tags are Ready to Use....Don't Waste Time Printing Your Own Tags
Available in Heavy Duty Synthetic Materials
Least Expensive
Various Materials Available Depending on Your Specific Applications
Put up in Rolls or Singles
Up to 1,000 per Roll or Box
Compact & Doesn't Require Lots Of Storage Space
Big Barcodes for Easy Scanning at a Distance
Jumbo Numbers for Easy Visibility from a Distance
Barcodes & Numbers can be Protected with a Clear Film Laminate
Greater Flexibility & Customization
Apply with Standard Staplers - Doesn't Require Special Hammer & Holders
Metal or Plastic Staples
Easy to Remove Tags from Logs Without Using Specials Tools
Big Tags With Room For Your Custom Information
Up To 6-Part Tags For Duplicate Information
Fast Turnaround & Leadtimes Even For Custom Tags

Read what companies told us in our recent Industry Survey

In a recent Survey we did of the Industry we spoke to dozens of companies with many years
of experience to get their opinions on Tags and Inventory Control. If you're using a Tag or
looking to improve it, you'll want to read the frank feedback we got about what works best, for
the least price.

These Log, Sawmill and Lumber companies also told us what they found are the most reliable
ways to use a Tag for Controlling and Tracking their Inventory - to get the greatest efficiency.

A Summary of What Log, Saw Mill and Lumber Companies Said About Staple-On Tags and Hammer Tags

1. Speed and Ease of Use

Describing the Staple On Log Tags she gets from us, Cathy Butler of Amos-Hill Associates
said "that it advanced the whole department....they get more work done with less man hours."
They previously used Hammer Tags. She said "it is a whole lot easier for the guys to put the tags on and they stay on through the whole process.

Andis Logging said about our Staple On Barcode Tags: "It totally changed our
the yard they know exactly what they're doing"...before they would go out with a wasn't
real exact. You turned things around for us. Everyone in the industry should use it."
Sami Ragsdale, Office Manager at Andis Logging

2. Cost and Durability

Another company said that “a lot of people see the tags they use [Staple On Tags] as more
time consuming than the Hammertags, but he said that the Hammer Tags are only a little more efficient in the field – and they cost a lot more money to use.”

“In the field where the logs are exposed to many more difficult weather conditions, the hammer type  tags stay on better” they said.

Note: We are doing testing with some of the newer, tougher materials made specifically to
deal with harsh conditions.

Summary Points About Choosing the Best Tag for Your Company

The feedback from dozens of companies showed that using sound Inventory Control and
Tracking with Tags – preferably the more efficient Barcode Tags - will improve efficiency and
help lower your costs.

If you're trying to decide on which type of Tag – the companies above have found that Staple
On Tags are not only easy to apply, and have good durability – they're also, by far, the least

So – whether you're just starting – or trying to improve your current Inventory Control and
Tracking Program – call or write us, we'll help you take it a step at a time – likely with the least
cost, and greatest return.

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