Log tags numbered and barcoded for inventory tracking.
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Why Use Log Tags? Already Using Log Tags? Compare Us To Our Competition

Learn How Logging, Sawmill and Lumber Companies Are Using Inventory Control Methods to Boost Profits

(From Our Survey of Logging, Sawmill and Lumber Companies)

Custom 2-Part Barcode & Numbered Log TagAndis Logging, who uses our Barcode Log Tags,    
had this to say about how well they work:    
"It totally changed our the yard they know    
exactly what they're doing"...before they would go out with    
Log Tag Quote Request a wasn't real exact. You turned things around for us.    
Everyone in the industry should use it [Barcode Log Tags]."    
Sami Ragsdale, Office Manager, Andis Logging    

What’s Your Log & Lumber Inventory Worth?

Don’t know? Not sure? Universal Tag, Inc. specializes in sequentially numbered & barcoded
log & lumber tags for tracking, sorting, inventory control and identification purposes. A good tagging program will assist you in optimizing inventory, reducing waste and obsolescence, chain of custody accountability, inventory valuation, pricing strategies, and more. By tagging your logs and lumber, you gain control of your inventory…it doesn’t control you!

We talked with many Logging, Sawmill and Lumber companies of all sizes and learned their best, most recent methods of Inventory Control and Tracking. They also told us how these methods helped them to increase their own profits.

Since 1927 we have been supplying small and large companies with custom Tags and Labels. Some of our customers have told us they've profited just by simply adding one of our Custom Numbered or Barcode Tags or Labels to improve their Inventory Control and Tracking.

You Can Increase Your Profitability by Going a Step at a Time with Inventory Control

  • If You Have an Inventory Control and Tracking Program. . .

Many companies have found that if they have an Inventory Control Program they can still get
more gains by simply adopting one or more of the newer methods and technology available.

Then, with more accurate and up-to-date Inventory information to evaluate, many companies
report they are able to make wiser, more profitable selling decisions. We've included many in
the results of our Survey, which you'll find on this website.
  • If You Are Thinking of Getting Started With an Inventory Control Program. . .

Companies who haven't yet created an Inventory Control Program have found that they can gain just by adding parts of it – one easy Step at a Time.

In fact, big gains can happen just by adding a Numbered Tag or Label, or a Barcode Tag or Label. We can easily customize this for you, and you'll find more ideas in our Survey which is on this website.

Log & Lumber Tags Survey ResultsThe Bottom Line Findings of Our Survey

When it comes to Inventory Control and Tracking, we found that Logging, Sawmill and Lumber companies fall into one of 2 different groups, listed below. If you want to quickly benefit from the findings of our survey – just go to the group below that describes your own level of Inventory Control and Tracking. Click on the link in that group and it will instantly bring you to the Bottom Line Findings of our survey – the specific ideas that can help your company quickly.
  • Read if You Are a Company Tracking Inventory Manually Without Log Tags or Labels

If you're estimating your inventory, or manually trying to keep track and not using a Tag or Label, you'll want to Click the "Why Tags" button to read what other companies like yours are doing. You'll find that some of them have advanced their method by simply adding a Custom Tag or Label - Why log, sawmill and lumber companies use barcode tracking log tags.

If You Would Like a Quote or Ask a Question just Click this Button - Quote/Info Button for Log & Lumber Tags
  • Read if You Are a Company With an Inventory Control System Using Tags or Labels

If you already have an Inventory Control System and are Using Tags or Labels, just
Click the "Using Tags" button to read  what other companies like yours are doing to improve things, taking advantage of new methods and technology - How barcode inventory tracking tags are used by log, sawmills and lumber companies.

If You Would Like a Quote or Ask a Question just Click this Button - Quote/Info Button for Log & Lumber Tags

Summary - How Your Company Can Benefit By Starting or Improving an Inventory Control Program . . .

1. How to Start an Inventory Control and Tracking Program
You can get benefits from an Inventory Control Program a Step at a Time just by adding a Numbered or Barcode Tag or Label.

Click the Button at the Right to submit a request If you'd like to know if you can Quote/Info Button for Log & Lumber Tags save time and money with a Custom Tag or Label and we'll be glad to review your current specifications. With all the new technologies, some companies are seeing gains right away.

2. How to Improve an Existing Inventory Control and Tracking Program
There are a number of places to look to improve an existing Inventory Control and Tracking Program. If you'd like to go over any of the ideas in the list below, feel free to call or Email us, we'll be glad to give you even more detail or help get you more information.
  1. Does your Barcode Tag have a protective surface to prevent dirt and dust damage and make reading Barcodes easier and more accurate?
  2. If you are using Hammer Type Tags have you compared the cost savings by using Staple on Tags?
  3. Universal Tag, Inc. is a Better Business Accredited Company!If you want to increase the durability of Staple on Tags, have you tried any of the new tougher materials available?
  4. Are there other functions available with the software you are using that will give you more control and potential profits in your Inventory Control and Tracking? Examples are Purchase Orders, Order Entry, Export General Ledger and Payments and Adjustments.
  5. Are you using the functions in your Inventory Control and Tracking program to give you the data to make the best management decisions on what to sell and when?

How You Can Gain From Other Companies' Positive Results

Our survey showed that many companies have already gained, including some who were new to Inventory Control, or were looking to improve their Inventory Control and Tracking Program.

So, if you're just getting started, simply adding a piece at a time, will give you gains. And, if you already have a System, we've uncovered a number of methods and new technologies that can help you to improve it.

No matter what level you're currently on, we'll be more than happy to help you get the increased profitability so many other companies have told us they're recording. Just call or Email us at the contact information below, or Click the "Quote/Info" button to Request A Quote or more info.
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Log & Lumber Tags Survey ResultsUniversal Tag, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Printer in Dudley MA

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